About Us

Elegant Foam and Chemical Industry is a foam manufacturing company with its factory located in Eastern Nigeria. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and was incorporated on 14 August 2002 with the Corporate Affairs Commission having a share capital of N5,000,000 of N1 each issued and fully paid.

Our operating activities give rise to varieties of products comprising of different brand and sizes. This versatile production approach has served as the company’s major tool in satisfying various customers’ needs and consequently, it’s market strength.

While there are currently older companies and new players in the industry, Elegant foam has been able to sustain its share of the market in a steady and consistent way through its customer need-driven innovation in its production lines over the years.

The company has operated for over 20 years with commendable steady growth history from a simple business ventures solely managed by the Managing Director, Mr Godwin Emeka Mmaduka, to a multi million investment providing employment to over 35 staff members.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to achieve unrivaled customer satisfaction through successful branding, excellent distribution and propriety.


The foam manufacturing industry has been on high performance for decades with an average gross profit margin ranging between 20% to 25%. However, the sharp upward trend in the exchange rate of US dollar to Naira since the year 2015 increased the cost of major raw material, TDI and Polyol, such that the company Gross profit margin now fluctuates between 15% to 20%.

Notwithstanding the effect of foreign exchange increase on the Profit margin the industry continues to witness a steady growth in turnover as there are more emerging uses of foam products in the country.


We are trusted by our clients as we provide the best comfort through our elegant foams

Fair Price

Even with our advanced technologies and quality materials used in the design of our products, we have made it affordable for everyone that desires a dreamy sleep

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With offer everyone that uses our product 100% satisfaction. We also give a 100 night of free trial and if you are not satisfied with our products, you can always request a refund and our billing team will take care of the rest.


Premium mattresses and pillows for superb sleep. Mattresses and pillows play an important role in helping you fall and stay asleep.

Elegant products bring you supreme luxury and exceptional comfort for quality sleep.
With Elegant products, you sleep with a smile on your face.

Management Team

Elegant Foam and chemical Industries is fully indigenously owned and the management team is as listed below

Mr Godwin Emeka Mmaduka

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer


Production Manager


Maketing Manager


Administrative Manager


Quality Control Manager



Mrs Martina Adebola

Principal Partner

Barr. Judith Ejiogu